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Getting Lost At Sea in Tennessee

Around 1989 I had just gotten my drivers license. I either didn't have a car yet or my 1972 VW Bug
was at the "Bug Doctor" for the 500 Millionth time but I was driving Mom's LTD. At the time we thought that car was fancy pants. Anyway I just remember being in Mom's car the first day that I started as a tour guide at the Lost Sea.

That's what it was called then  " The World's Largest Underground Lake - The Lost Sea" I think we were told when I was conducting tours that some cave in Australia had the new title of the worlds largest underground lake.

Either way to me, I thought I  was in the Entertainment business and I was on the world's largest stage. Well that "Fame" wore off soon when I had to start hoofin' people in and outta that cave. My fat but was tired. I was a little hefty guy with a ton of wild and crazy hair.

I made some great friends that summer and met a ton of people. I said" Welcome to the Lost Sea, this is …

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