A Dollar To Shoot On & A Dollar For The Shoot

At this Moment of January 18th 2017 I feel like I have met my ultimate opportunity. I don't think I have ever - in my life been my complete self. Depending on when you met me you could have a broad story to tell.
WOOD E WAGON's Current Crest (My Home/RV/Office)

I so wanted to be famous. A kid from the guts of hillbilly trying to be something - he wasn't. Being ridiculed as a youngster at Lanier Elementary for being different, I have lived life on the defense. I am so glad to be in a state of mind now that allows me to be innovative, marching to my own drum. Finally it doesn't matter who likes me, yet it's important who likes my work. My Work! My! Work! My Work. It's not an idea that I created or my concept that I am trying to sell it's - My Work!

I have always wanted a talent. ( Taz Cable Wall Of Fame: Dishwasher, Popcorn Popper, Dancer, Female Impersonator (once OK twice) , Travel Agent. Marketer, Brander, Internet TV Personality, Radio Personality, Show Host, Brander) OK so I have talent but I always want to be an Artist. Why? I am so glad that #MYride slowed me down enough for me to see, photography. Who cares if I die broke but happy to have photographed the people, places and things I have on my career path.

As long as my battery is charged, my lenses are clean, my Photo Shelter account is paid, I have gas food and {STUFF}, the library has internet and computers then @TAZCABLESNAPS is open, creating and traveling.     You never know sometimes I may just take A Dollar To Shoot or A Dollar For The Shoot.


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