And Then It Clicked - I think I finally figured it out: Calm Down

WOW! What a crazy three or for weeks it has been in my head. Well, for 44 years it has been a shit show in Nogginville for me, I've learned to manage it a little better these days. Sometimes still I let it show a little.

When I first started SNAPS I have been so programmed the last few years to create a "concept" that I was trying to do that. I was making it more difficult than it should have been. Bottom line is I want to live in Florida when it's cold other places and I want to see the USA. Now I will see the USA much clearer. Through a lens and capture everything I see and capture every personality I meet along the way.

So here it is. The program that I figured out was just to allow myself develop as a photographer. That is it! Just be. Let that set in a second. Just Be. WOW. Feels good to say and hear too huh?

I am just gonna let my new found career just happen. I love the things I have experienced behind the camera in the past - so let the journey begin.

I am looking for some folks in the Tampa Bay Area, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater or St. Pete that would like to spend a little time with me and my camera. I do prefer to shoot outdoors and in active environments - but willing to entertain anything or photography situation. .

My current plan is for Wood E. Wagon and I to continue our winter residency at Caladesi RV Park, Palm Harbor until the end of March and the first of April before we head north up the coast and then into the great lakes before fall. If the big trip doesn't work out this year I plan to be near and around music festivals and city festivals all over the country taking Holly Hail Damage (My Toyota) and Wood E from time to time.

So I am looking forward and focused to grow as a photographer and having you along for this journey. Feels good to have focus. Feels good not to be a concept  but an Artist, just a photographer.

Until Next Time,
Make Life Happen


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