Living The Life Remembering The Dream

I've always been a dreamer. Look at my record, my past 98% of my life from age 13 on I've been working on something that I created. From Lemonade Stands to a Video Information Network my redneck under educated brain has spun hundreds of ideas. Although I have no reqrets except for lack of investments or savings.  Truthfully if I had those things I may not be in the place in life that I am now.
Being happy and feeling settled is something I haven't experienced much of. I always felt I had something to prove. The bullies in Elementary School, My Parents, My Adult Friends - it never really involved me, it was about them.
It took 44 years and 18 months in a 30 year old RV, making less than $150 cash per week doing what I am good at "marketing/hospitality  " at the RV Park I stay in during the winter. I also get to plan a wonderful photography tour, write for my own blog, telling stories of the people I meet and my journey at learning to be a better person for me. Living the dream, broke as PHUCK. Happy as HELLo.


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