Honey, Don't Leave Mad. Just Leave!

I'm writing from Ocala - parked beside a McDonalds  at a Pilot Travel Center access road and yeap, missing the campground.

So what would an amazing experience be with out some struggles. I hope the title is the most negative about this post. Leaving Palm Harbor and Caladesi RV Park early - sucked. Completely. I look forward to my return in the fall and look forward to the many miles ahead of me and more struggles, hope not.

Well, one thing about that Palm Harbor stop over there I learned some new skills, I also met some incredible people. People, at first, I didn't really wanna know frankly. I was still kinda healing or maturing I guess when I first arrived. The huge disappointment with the "cooking show host" position being a hoax, but that put me back at Caladesi ( I was there for the hurricane last Summer  for a few days.)

 I was able to shake my shell and meet some really cool people. It helped that I was helping in the office a few hours a day to get these relationships kick started.

Most of them will be leaving some time soon and some will stay until we all come back this fall. Here are some people and things I will miss. (If you are back at Caladesi and I don't mention you it's not that I have forgotten you.)

MISS. RUTHIE - What a tough cookie that lady is!! Wow. I will miss approaching her every morning as she tended to her choirs (at 86 years old) and in my loud annoying way say " God Morning Miss Ruthie" if she was looking at me her look was stern (She is 5'3ish BTW) stern look - until I said it - She would smile from ear to ear.  Her hugs. Her Kisses and singing her love songs as I drive by on the golf cart.

CLIFFie & PAULA - When Cliff needs something he called me "Boo-Boo", when Miss Paula needed something she would yell "CLIFF" you could here it all over the park. She let me love ol Sassy Girl the popeyed (bless her) Boston Terrier  and I miss Sassy's kissed every morning for her Auntie Taz.
Cliff and Paula are amazing people - Cliff tho - he is my life saver and super hero. (Thank You Cliffie for all your help.

ROGER & JOYCE - Joyce's endless pot of coffee that tastes just like Mamaw Sue's. The big ass salads and good conversation about any topic - mostly her Abby. Roger, his wisdom is amazing, his willingness to let me learn was so helpful and his patience are so thick. I was always afraid Joyce was gonna bop me upside the head - 3 years ago I think she would.  Roger & Joyce are Honorary and Charter Push Partners for @TAZCABLESNAPS - Thanks for your support!

DALE & MARY - See I really wanna type Mary & Dale - Mary is a pistol! I am gonna miss those PIZZA'S my lord she makes pizza's as thick as hamburgers! I love her! So precious - until she tells it like it is. Dale, I mean - Dale - what a great relationship we had. I think he smiled the first time, when I was leaving. Well, that spiteful laugh when he is telling you (me) that I screwed up or he was doing my job but I brought his mail. He was fine. Dale & Mary are Honorary & Charter Push Parthers for @TAZCABLESNAPS - Thanks for your support.

HERK my Greek - no nothing about him I miss yet - he is on his way to Tennessee soon.

CHRISTOS KAPPAS - His YO!'s so loud. Every time you see him.

DAN & CATHY - Dan speaks every time you see him, 5 or 5,000 times and Dan speaks. His quick, funny comments are usually a little different tho. Cathy she has the best voice - I am just gonna miss the way she says my name.


So sitting here in the Pilot on I-75 I miss the campground but my lord I wanna drive all the way to Tennessee tonight. If I don't get towed I may do it tomorrow. I'm ready.

 For me to have moved to an area because I loved it I rarely went beyond the campground campus foot print unless it was the 7 Eleven across the street.  When I did get out  my friends at The Living Room on Main wee always good to hang out with. After no one would hire me there as a bartender and when I did go out there was no experince behind the bar - I just stayed home or The Living Room.

I am gonna miss my hammock and in palm trees on the Dunedin Causeway.

Next season will be different - all the way around.

Don't be surprised if I don't have cow shit between my toes tomorrow night. #MYride


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