Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Writer That Never Reads

Greenback, TN
Well we are two months away from making the trek back home to Tennessee for a couple weeks. I am so ready to get back on the road. I first thought it was me excited to get home, see Baby Mason - who just had a big boy hair cut.  but the past few weeks have shown me that it's the road that I miss. 

If you ask the question " Are you ready?" My answer would be "No!" There is so much to do. I have been helping the campground here in Palm Harbor, paying the rent, I have been busy. Coddiwomple Manor ( Wood E. Wagon) is still kinda torn apart. A new problem was discovered. Imagine that, right? Good News : New Wash Closet! Yay! Boo. 

Made In Tennessee
Better News : I wasn't going to sell anything as I traveled except photographs and ad space on the RV and the blog - BUTI am so thankful to have Olde Virden's Red Hot Sprinkle to take with me on this coddiwomple. My relationship with this pepper bouquet, that has an incredible aroma when you open the bag, started back home at the Greenback Depot  and I am happy to have it in the spice rack and the portfolio.  My focus  for this hot stuff is on the wholesale buyer, 
you can get  you some at your house by clicking this link to the store:
I would suggest you add a fine grind too.  Support Small Business America if you can. 

PERFECT on pizza and Mexican Street Corn ( Spring & Summer Must Have)

I've Never Used This Book

Staying in Palm Harbor  this Winter I have learned a ton about my self. Stuff you may or may not wanna know about. There are some things about this journey that I am not sure I want to make public. It would probably do me and others good for me to write it but  This  blog is supposed to be about me and my trip. I guess this is all part of it. Well, where I have  Coddiwomple Manor parked currently is Caladesi RV Park and I meet people from all over the world in this park. 

I hated school and I really didn't do well in school and I for sure did not further my education in an organized education - I did graduate with honors at the University of Hard Knocks tho. 

Usually, when I meet people who happen to be teachers I instantly start giving them a harder time than others. It's funny I was kinda friends with my teachers, until high school anyway. My fifth grade teacher and I are still dear friends. I am not sure why I give teacher a harder time. I always explain that I never got along with teachers, when I meet teachers. 

Anyway, this dear lady from Minnesota is in the park and she recently retired from teaching. A reading teacher.  I am not sure how to describe  her. We are VERY different and have no similar interests.. She is happy and sweet. Real happy. The entire time she has been here I have shamed her for reading as much as she has shamed me for not reading. I just can't read a book. I start them I loose interests. I have never enjoyed reading. I am not sure why. I have never really read a book, completely.

She about lost her marbles today when I told her to "Follow my Blog". She said " Follow your blog? What?" She says " You are the writer who doesn't read". I hope this one sticks. 

Thanks Mrs. Mellema - it was a pleasure to meet you. We didn't get our selfie. 

The quest continues! See ya next time. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Living The Life Remembering The Dream

I've always been a dreamer. Look at my record, my past 98% of my life from age 13 on I've been working on something that I created. From Lemonade Stands to a Video Information Network my redneck under educated brain has spun hundreds of ideas. Although I have no reqrets except for lack of investments or savings.  Truthfully if I had those things I may not be in the place in life that I am now.
Being happy and feeling settled is something I haven't experienced much of. I always felt I had something to prove. The bullies in Elementary School, My Parents, My Adult Friends - it never really involved me, it was about them.
It took 44 years and 18 months in a 30 year old RV, making less than $150 cash per week doing what I am good at "marketing/hospitality  " at the RV Park I stay in during the winter. I also get to plan a wonderful photography tour, write for my own blog, telling stories of the people I meet and my journey at learning to be a better person for me. Living the dream, broke as PHUCK. Happy as HELLo.